Monday, May 23, 2011

Jace's Pre School graduation

Jace has finished his first year of pre school! He made lots of friends and is just sure that the minute he turns 5 in Oct. he'll join them in kindergarten. I've tried several times to explain that he has to wait until the following year and that they'll always be a year ahead of him but, after a few times...... Here he is waiting for the program to start, he's sitting next to his friend Noah. They sang several songs that they've learned throughout the year and unlike at the Christmas program, he sang! It was a cute program and Mrs. Natalie had previously asked each of the kids questions about themselves. Jace said that he wanted to be a pilot when he grows up and that his favorite color is blue, yellow, green, and orange! She also had them share something they've learned through the year and she said that something they say at the end of every class is, "Adios Amigos." Jace came to the microphone to tell us that this meant, 'goodbye my friends.'

Here he is being presented with his pre school diploma..........

He took some flowers to give to Mrs. Natalie after the program to thank her for being such a great teacher! Here they are together. We are happy that Jace will be in her pre school class again next year!

Jace has come along way this past year. He started out being a shy little stinker that wouldn't talk to other adults or sing in the Christmas program, to a handsome little guy that talked into the microphone during the program (okay, he's still shy around other adults)! He has learned to write his name and he will always point out on a bag, bottle or anything that has the recycle symbol on it, that it says to recycle! He's learned to count t0 20 in Spanish, by 10's to 100 and can't count by 1's to 56 without messing up! He's well on his way to being ready for kindergarten ~ too bad he's not going with all his friends. shhhh, but don't tell him that!


  1. Too bad our kids can't start working on the skills books NOW:) I am glad Jace had a great preschool experience!

  2. Talk about growing up fast... seems like you just had Jace! Hopefully he will have so much fun in preschool again that he won't notice he's not in kindergarten--maybe? He'll make more friends and can move on with them!

  3. He's such a cutie! Luke and Mia just love Jace! Glad he had such a good time w preschool! I'm really hoping Luke gets over his shyness and doesnt freak at preschool in Sept.! Super cute pics!

  4. Kids grow up too fast! He's such a handsome little guy. Hope you're having a great summer!