Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Egg drop project

Emily's final project before moving on to Jr. High was to create a holder for a raw egg that when dropped, the egg wouldn't crack! I had seen these huge marshmallows in wal-mart and when she was talking about what she wanted to do, I ran to get some! She took a shoe box and lined the inside with these giant marshmallows. In between the marshmallows, she put a large plastic Easter egg, which would hold the raw egg. She lined the inside of the Easter egg with little marshmallows.

and just added marshmallows all over.

She took more of the ginormous marshmallows and attached them to the outside of the box, for cushion on impact. Here she is with her creation, which she named Meggie!

I went to the school to see if her egg survived or not. Here is the guy dropping 'Meggie' from his bucket lift/boom truck. Look closely and you'll see Meggie, just below his hand after letting go.

The moment of impact, all the marshmallows came flying off....... It really hit hard!

Here she is ready to open the box to see if Meggie kept the egg intact.

The moment of truth............ Sadly, her egg didn't make it!

This was a fun little project, even if her egg didn't survive! It was fun to go see all the other creations her fellow classmates came up with. I really thought she had a great idea, what's softer than marshmallows? I think Meggie was so heavy that when it hit, it hit hard and even the marshmallows couldn't soften the blow! People in the audience watching even cringed when it hit, myself included! She did receive the award for most creative 'holder' for the egg and was given a LARGE candy bar!! Nice job, Emily, at least we had a fun time with this one!!

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  1. Oh I was reading this and thought for sure that it would work! I thought it was a great idea! Bummer, hopefully she had fun in the process!