Monday, December 20, 2010

Root family Christmas

This past weekend, we met my entire family for the annual Root family Christmas party. We met at Kara's house in Rexburg. It was a fun filled day full of....
Sledding at the St. Anthony sand dunes.
Here is Ali on her way down the hill. Me, Chris, Baylie and Jace on our way up the hill

Chris and Baylie

Kenna sitting on top getting ready to head down

Chris and I stopped for quick pic

Lindsay, Ali, and Kyton waiting for Anjela to shove them down the hill

Jace, just finished coming down on his saucer

Ali, hopping on my lap for a ride down with mom. Laura, Kara, Haley, Brett, Gavin and Emily are also in the picture.

All the girls that were at this hill stopped for a 'girls photo.' Missing were Kacie and mom.

Story time with grandma. My mom loves to read and for the past few years, has brought some cute kid stories to read to the grand kids.

Dad is enjoying watching mom read to the kids.

Sibling photo. We had such a fun time taking these. We were all laughing, Laura to the point of tears. As David would say, "I can't possibly be any more handsome!"

Food!!! Here Laura is preparing her 'famous spinach salad.'

Brett made the most wonderful prime rib. Here he is carving the meat. We decided it was as good as any prime rib we've had in a restaurant. Nicely done Brett! Kara, the proud wife with Kenna, Emily and Haley waiting to eat!

SANTA came!!

Santa brought gifts for each of us there. Here is Lindsay accepting her gift, an itunes gift card.

Even Chris got to sit on the 'big man's' lap

All my cute kids with Santa.

Family skits~
Here are me and Kenna, trying to sell our donkeys who are Emily, Lindsay and Ali

Singing, "Away in a manger"

David, pretending to 'sled in his snow boots'

Anjela, dancing around in her 'green boots' Their skit was funny, they were the Roots in boots

Baylie is helping mom with her skit and something funny must have been said by the look on moms face.

We also do a gift exchange. Here are some of the kids during theirsAt the end of the evening, we stopped to pose for a Root family photo. We got pretty lucky and I think everyone is looking at the camera. I love that Nate is pointing the nerf gun Santa gave him at the camera.

It was such a fun day and it's a fun tradition. We started doing this about 4 years ago. We don't always get together for Christmas so we plan a weekend beforehand for everyone to be together to celebrate this season and enjoy each other. We definitely have a lot of laughs and fun when we get together. Thanks Kara and Brett for opening your home for a day full of chaos!


  1. Fun post! I love all the pics! We were so glad to have everyone together. We had a great time as well!

  2. This makes me want to post my pictures. Such a Fun time. Yes,thanks Kara! Can't wait till next year.

  3. What a fun tradition! We try to get together with my whole family once a year as well. It is so good being with everyone even if it isn't for the holidays.

  4. Wow! Looks like a GREAT time was had by all! Brett and Kara are fabulous hosts, aren't they! We have a great time at the family party on the other side. One of these years we'll have to combine the two! Wouldn't that be fun! :)