Monday, May 24, 2010

Kenna turns 14

I'm finally getting around to posting about Makenna's 14th birthday, better late than never. Her birthday was on the 16th, last Sunday. We had David and Anjela and their boys here for the weekend but it was still a bummer for her to have her day fall on a Sunday. No party, no friends and she's such a social girl. Here she is opening one of her favorite things, to eat.... Uncle David tried to take her down over the weekend.
Makenna thought it would be cute to have Jace and Gavin put bows in their hair, she helped and then wanted a picture with them. Good thing they're still little enough not to know better!

Grandma Jackson joined us for dinner too!

Makenna wanted to have brownies and ice cream instead of cake.

We did have a fun little family celebration and she got some nice things from those who love her! I felt so bad for her that in a moment of weakness, I told her she could have friends over Friday, which I had forgotten was Baylie's pre-school graduation. At her age though, they just seem to entertain themselves as long as I provide the food! We are so thankful that Kenna is in our family, she brings a lot of laughing and fun. We love her personality and I can't believe she's already 14!!! I've been wondering where the years have gone.........


  1. She is beautiful. Seriously where does the time go?!! I think I'll have brownies and ice cream on my birthday!

  2. It was so fun being able to celebrate Makennas special day with her. Thanks for letting us stay with you once again. Love you guys!

  3. Cute pics! She's SUCH a fabulous little lady!! We love her!!!:)