Friday, May 7, 2010

D.A.R.E Graduation

Last night was Emily's D.A.R.E graduation. She has been in this program since the middle of February and it's a great program that teaches kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Each week an officer would come to the school to teach the kids. One day one of the program, they were challenged to avoid soda for the remainder of the program. This was a way of teaching the kids that it's okay to say no and if you do it once, you can continue. Emily was a trooper and made it the whole 2 1/2 months soda free. There were times it was hard, like when we would go out to eat.
Here she is walking into the auditorium. The kids each got to choose a t-shirt from about 4 different designs. She choose the D.A.R.E lion shirt. There was a short program in which the kids sang a song about avoiding drugs and alcohol and also having a positive attitude. Emily is on the end, right side, front row.
Here she is accepting her certificate of graduation from the program. Here teacher, Mrs. Brian and the Principal, Mr. Page, are the presenters. Then she had to walk down the line of officers and other D.A.R.E people shaking hands.

Proudly showing us her certificate!

Here she is with her D.A.R.E officer, Deputy Miller. The kids get to know their officer quite well and she told us many stories about him and the things he taught her. Thanks Deputy Miller!

The D.A.R.E program is a fantastic program and I'm glad Emily got to participate and was able to accept and follow through with the pop challenge. I am proud of her for this accomplishment, there were many birthdays and things when we would have soda and she would stick to the challenge!! D.A.R.E stands for, D-define, A-assess, R-respond, E-evaluate. Which means to define the the problem, assess your choices, respond with a choice, and evaluate your decision. Way to go Em!!! Stay strong
I did get her, her own soda for when she was finished : )

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