Monday, May 10, 2010

Commencement 2010

****I may have over done it on the picture taking****
This past Saturday was the BIG day!! Lindsay and her date, Matt Tolson, started the day early with a 'day date.' He picked her up at 10 am and off to the zoo and then to the park for a picnic they went. They were with 5 other couples. I had asked Lindsay ahead of time to take pictures through out the day so I could blog them. Well, she came home with 3 pictures! I was bummed. Here are some pelicans they saw at the zoo. A few of the boys goofing off! Her date is in front.

Here she is with 2 of the girls, they must have been laughing a the boys!
She returned home around 2 so she would have enough time to get ready for the dance. My good friend Christy came over to help her get her make up on. Here they are working on it.

After make-up, it was time for me to do her hair. She had decided she wanted me to do "princess curls" all through her hair. That's just our fancy name for ringlets. It's how I bribe Baylie to let me do her hair, if I do them, she'll look like a princess. Her hair is fairly thin, but these curls are done in layers, 2 layers on each side and 3 layers in the back.

After just over an hour and almost a full can of hairspray : ) TA-DA

Next, we had to get her into her dress without messing up hair and make-up!! Once she had the dress on, I put on her accessories, necklace, earrings, bracelet.... yes, those are her earrings hanging out of my mouth!

What a beauty!!!!!!

Don't forget the lip gloss!!

While waiting for her date to arrive.......

We took some pictures, her siblings were all just waiting and watching us get her all dolled up. They loved it! (Kenna was off babysitting for a neighbor)

I had her take a picture with her dad as well. I love it!!

One (or two) more before Matt arrived. I think she looks amazing, and I'm not saying that just because I'm her mom! See for yourself.....

Here she is with Matt while he's putting her corsage on her wrist.

Pinning on his boutonniere....

and, smile!

There they go!!! I was so glad to see he opened the door for her!

I told Lindsay I was going to follow them to the house where they were having dinner. I really wanted to. I wanted pictures of all the girls, the boys, couples, flowers, everything. Lucky for me it was at my friend Alexa's house (her son is one of the couples she went with) and it would've been so easy for me to go and do all that. I figured I had over loaded these two with picture taking so I called Alexa to make sure she would take a few for me, to avoid further embarrassment of Lindsay. Here they are at dinner.

Lindsay had a fantastic time!!! The boys did all the cooking for the meal and did a great job in planning the whole evening. I was impressed with her date, he was so polite and seemed like a genuinely nice young man! I had a fun few weeks with Lindsay, shopping for the dress, shoes, jewelry, getting her hair done etc. I'm sure this was just the first of many dances I'll have the opportunity to help her and my other girls with! I'm glad she had such a great time!!


  1. She looks so pretty!! I'm glad they had a good time!!

  2. Oh how exciting! It all looks so fun. So glad you caught it all in photos! You will love looking back at them one day. She looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. You did a great job on the hair! You will be a pro by the time Baylie goes to dances! Glad she had a great time.