Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just for Men

Last Thursday was my little brother's birthday. They happened to be coming to Idaho Falls for Carli and Jared's wedding when I got a text from my sister in law, Anjela. The text stated that David forgot to dye his hair and for his birthday he wanted me to get him some hair color. We went to dinner and came back home for cake and ice cream and of course, his Just for Men hair dye. Here he is proudly showing his gift I had the privilege of actually coloring his hair. It was quite exciting since I'd never done it before! Here we go, he's looking a bit scared (and he should be bwuahahahaha)! Here I am adding the color to his hair. We went with light brown.
Rubbing it through out his hair - I really was having a good time
Kenna is wiping the sides of his head, apparently the dye stains your skin if it comes in contact with it, who knew? I am proudly displaying the bottle....

And rinse! Another fun part, I was using the hose from the sink and I kept squirting him in the face as well. Good times!

This was a fun little night, I learned to do something I hadn't done before and who better to have for practice than your little brother? Thanks David for trusting me, we had some great laughs!!!I forgot to take an after picture but it did turn out good, if I must say it myself! Who's next?

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  1. Way to go! Way to both of you for being brave! I'm sure it turned out great! Little brothers are great to experiment on. :)