Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baylie is 7!

We celebrated Baylie's 7th birthday on March 25, she had been anticipating her birthday for weeks! For a little girl, having a Sunday birthday isn't very fun but she made the best of it!
Here she is with her french toast, her requested birthday breakfast.
We have 11 o'clock church so there was plenty of time for her to open her gifts before we left!

She got several new outfits, some favorite treats, money and new sandals
 Here she is with her cake, a yummy white cake with raspberry filling and butter cream icing!
 Making a wish.......
 Blowing the candles out........
 Here a few pictures from her class at school.  Jace and I took treats in on Friday March 23 to let her celebrate with her class.  We took soda and skittles candy.  Her teacher, Mrs. Brinton waved her arms around like she was leading the class while they sang 'happy birthday' to her - it was pretty cute!
 Passing out the skittles.....
 All ready for church in her new dress -
We love that Baylie is in our family - she is such a sweet and funny little girl.  Baylie loves to sleep so she gives us a run for our money each morning as we try to get her up and ready for school - It is far too often that she's running to make the bus! She is a huge JOY to have in our home (if you don't count mornings) and we love that Heavenly Father sent her to us to raise, she is such a good girl, she has a tender heart and tries hard to be a peacemaker - she makes us laugh and we enjoy every moment of her!

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  1. I have always thought she is such a cutie! I really can't believe she is 7! Such cute pictures. I love that you guys go all out for birthdays. Looks like a fun day, even tho it was on a Sunday!