Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lindsay and Kenna's SKYDIVING adventure!

Yesterday, we were able to go to Caldwell for Lindsay to use her skydiving certificate Grandma and Grandpa Root gave her for graduation.  A few days before, Kenna decided she would like to go with her.
Here they are signing their lives away!

This was the back of the shirt that the pilot wore -

The CHEERING SECTION -  Aunt Anjela, Dexen and Jace

Dad and Baylie

Grandma, Grandpa, Dad and  Mom

Ali and Gavin

The kids just wouldn't stay out of the dirt!!


They were gross, Kenna said!

Jace and Baylie trying on the goggles, right before the girls went up

Since this was possible thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, I thought Lindsay needed a picture with them

Getting on their harnesses

Their tandem partner, double checking the harnesses

Kenna with her tandem buddy Tom

Lindsay with Jeremy

There is no going back now!

 And, they're off!

We sat around waiting for about 20 minutes for the plane to get high enough for them to jump - they jumped from 13,000 feet!
Emily and Dad

Mom and Dad

Kenna jumped!

Lindsay jumped!

Kenna coming in for a landing

Safe on the ground!

And Lindsay's landing!

Thumbs up tells me it was AWESOME!

Baylie ran to give Lindsay a hug and welcome her back to the ground!

These next few pictures are ones that I took while they showed us the videos of the girls afterwards -
Kenna's are both after the parachute opened, just cruising around

Lindsay in her free fall - chipmunk cheeks!

Just looking around taking it all in!

Thanks grandma and grandpa for an amazing opportunity!  Both girls loved it and said they would most definitely go again!  I was glad Kenna decided to go with Lindsay, it just makes it more fun to have someone with you! She kept saying she didn't think she would be able to jump out of a plane but now she is really happy she did!  Another thing they've checked off their bucket lists!

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