Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baylie loses another tooth

This isn't the first time Baylie has lost a tooth it is however, her first top tooth.  She was messing around with Gavin and Jace a few weekends ago when Anjela was visiting and she was running while holding a water bottle.  She ran into the glass door while the bottle was in her mouth and wah-lah, her loose tooth came right out.  It wasn't quite ready and it bled a ton! Aunt Anjela grabbed the camera and followed her getting these pictures.  At first she wasn't too scared and when we noticed all the blood, she got a little nervous and wimpery - she wouldn't let Anjela take any pictures at first.

Here she is as soon as she made it into the bathroom

Putting pressure on to stop the bleeding

Showing off her tooth

This is the cutest part of the whole thing.  Later that evening after she had gone to bed,  I went into the kitchen to get a drink and found this on the counter. In case you can't read her writing, it says, "touth ferary (fairy) plese (please) take this toth (tooth)" She messed up on  please (spelled it wrong anyway), scratched it out and wrote a 'P' with an arrow to where it was supposed to go and ended the note on the bag with an arrow pointing to the tooth.  I think this is so cute!

She is a beauty and we love her!!

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