Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day homework

Ali had a homework assignment to create a Valentines Day holder for the cards and treats she'll get in class.  I looked around and found an almost empty fruit snack box and decided we could make a robot without having to go buy a bunch of stuff to make it.  I had the tin foil, the box, the empty toilet paper roll cardboard, the pipe cleaners for antennae - we were set!  Ali loved the idea and we went right to work.
Here is our finished 'robot'

I did get the pink ribbon, just to make sure everyone knew it was a female robot and the heart doilies I was using for a singing time idea so I gave her one!  I think it turned out pretty dang cute - Ali is such a fun spirited girl that it's fun to create things with her - she gets so excited and giddy over such simple things!


  1. That turned out adorable! Look how creative you guys are! She'll be the hit of 3rd grade!

  2. See who said your not talented. Super Cute!