Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Roaring Springs

Last Friday we spent the day at Roaring Springs water park in Boise. This is one thing my kids look forward to several times each summer!! We were able to go at the end of "grandma's week" so my whole family was able to be there. We had such a fun day and the kids are already wanting to go back.
Baylie and Jace playing in the kiddie area Ali with her cousins Nate and Kacie

Ali exiting the wave pool

Kyton, Kenna, Emily, Haley and Baylie in the wave pool

Baylie and Nate, chillin'

Chris and Kyton racing down the some of the slides.

Kenna and Lindsay making their way down

Chris, me, Anjela, Kyton, Lindsay and Kenna

Laura and Kara taking a break to eat yummy snow cones.......

Haley and Emily at the end of "thunder falls!" These two had such fun together, they stayed together all day long and we didn't see very much of them, unless they came back for food :)

Me, Lindsay and Kenna half way down 'thunder falls!' This was a blast!!!

Lindsay and Kenna, heading up the stairs to 'avalanche'

During 'avalanche'

Emily stopping to eat dippin' dots!

We all had a blast, we sure love Roaring Springs!!! It was nice that our cousins and my mom and siblings were able to be there too! We ended up back at my moms in shifts. Anjela left with Jace, Kara left with her two little ones, my mom left with Baylie and then Chris and I took the six oldest home last. We finally made them leave the park at 7, but they could have stayed for a few more hours!!


  1. I love all the pictures!! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

  2. Fun times at Roaring Springs....can't wait till next year!!

  3. How did I miss this post! I will have to say that working at Roaring Springs was one of the most fun jobs ever! Seventh picture down was my most favorite attraction to guard...NOT! I can't tell you how many tops I saw fly off. Seriously people! Anyway, it looked like you guys had a blast. I need to make it back there with my kids.

  4. Oh my word! That looks like WAY too much fun! We're definitely going to have to plan a family trip there, one day, when I'm not pregnant!

  5. Such cute pics!! I haven't been to Roaring Springs in YEARS,it looked like you guys had a blast!!!:)