Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pre-school, Finally!

The big day has finally arrived! Ever since her big sisters have started school, I hear everyday, "when do I go to pre-school?" from Baylie. Today was the big day and since she was in an afternoon pre-school class, she slept in as usual. I was really hoping to get into a morning class but it was full when I called. This little angel is my sleeper, and has been known to sleep until lunch time if I let her, so it would be good to have something for her to get up for : ) She will be going to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! She was ready to go by noon and kept asking if we could just go, she was very anxious! Her pre-school is only like 2 minutes away so I had to keep telling her, "not yet!"
Once we got there, Mrs. Grover was waiting for the class outside and was so good to remember all the kids' names from registration day! And, good news for me! She informed me that one of her morning kids dropped out so as of tomorrow, we go in the morning : ) This was a high point in my day! I was going to have to pick her up every Wednesday 15 minutes early so that I could get to work on time! What a nice surprise for us both!
Here she is sitting on the steps waiting patiently to go in and get started! This is her afternoon class, to bad she won't remember any of them since she is switching to morning! Baylie is such a sweet little lady and I do have to admit I was a little sad dropping her off today. Usually I'm excited for things like this but it has been a joy having her around with me all day, and for the few hours she's away, I will miss her!


  1. She is so CUTE!!! What are you and Jace going to do for those few hours she's gone?! I make poor Brenner stay awake until Porter gets on the bus for afternoon kindergarten so I can put him down for a nap while all kids are gone and have a couple blissful hours all to myself. I love it!

  2. She looks super cute, Debi! Kacie starts on the 15th and I am looking forward to that as well. Glad you could get her in the morning class!