Thursday, September 10, 2009

A 'FAIR'ly great birthday!

This past labor day, Sept. 7th, Chris turned the BIG 4-0! I was previously told that if I made a big deal of this birthday, I would be killed! (so, I didn't) Since it was labor day and the kids were out of school, we decided to head down to the fair. We did a lot of eating.... Lindsay and Makenna showing their excitement for the pronto pups! And come on, who doesn't LOVE a good corn dog?
Jace stuffing his face with cotton candy! I think this was all he ate the entire time at the fair, the "real" foods didn't appeal to him. He was a sticky mess when he was done!
We looked at all the animals! I swear Jace had to pet every horses rear at the fair! Emily showing her "oh come on" look!
We rode the little "train" near the petting zoo.
We enjoyed the petting zoo. Kenna, Ali and Jace with a goat.
We also enjoyed just sitting around watching the people on the mechanical bull. (this was our pit stop for my scone nuggets, which are always a must at the fair) Can you tell that Jace is a total "daddy's boy?" We all had a great time spending time together at the fair and celebrating Chris's BIG birthday. Chris got tickets for him and Jace to go to the motocross at the fair which was last night. They both had a blast and Jace is still talking about the motorcycles! (They forgot to take the camera : (


  1. Looks like fun! My kids would love to go--I am such a party pooper! Hope Chris had a great day!

  2. What a fun birthday! I almost forgot the fair was here. My poor kids, I guess I won't tell them and then they won't know they missed out. Fun for he and Jace to have a night out at the motocross! My boys would definitely be jealous! Cute pictures.