Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last Monday while we were enjoying the petting zoo at the fair, we also enjoyed holding a couple of the puppies that McKee's had for sale. This little girl curled right into me, looked up at me and licked my chin. I knew at that point she had to come home with us. It took a lot of work convincing Chris of that situation but with the help of all the kids, especially Emily who cried when she thought we weren't going to get her, she did find a new home with us. Back in March, my hair lady's dog had puppies and she had named one of them Bella. Baylie and I loved it and we said that if we ever did get a puppy, we would name her Bella. Our Bella is a miniature schnauzer. She weighs about 4 pounds and should be about 10-12 full grown.
This is Jace and Bella on the way home from the fair. She curled right up in his car seat and fell asleep. She has been a great puppy! She loves attention from all of us, especially the kids and seems to be very mild natured. I do feel like a mother of a newborn, having to get up a couple of times in the night to let her out!


  1. What a cute puppy, especially seeing her cuddle with Jayce. I hope she is good for you:)

  2. I love that she fell asleep right by Jace, what a cute photo! She's a cute dog. She looks like she fits right in and is well loved already. My kids would be so jealous!