Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New hair, straight teeth

The day has finally arrived! After two (really quick to me, not so for her) years, the time has come for Lindsay to get her braces off! She was in need of a hair cut as well, so the day before today, I called a neighbor to see if she could cut her hair. She went shorter than normal but it turned out really cute! It's a total "make over" for her :D This was taken right after the hair cut with braces still on teeth!

Anxiously waiting for the orthodontic assistant to get them off! They put some permanent retainers on the top and bottom to hold the now straight teeth from returning to a crooked state.
Ta-da here she is, braces free!

Looking good Lindsay! She did say it feels really weird!

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  1. What a beauty! Your girls are growing, it's fun to see them changing over the past year.