Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mr. Greenthumbs

Yep, you read that title correctly. Any and all of the outside of our home is taken care of by Chris. I secretly think he enjoys it though. Here he is mowing the lawn. He is always working in the yard and garage organizing and just gettin' r dun :D Even the small square foot garden we have going is thanks to him. He made the area to plant the veggies in and did all the planting. He couldn't be prouder of this little garden. He is always going out to check on its progress and happily announces to everyone about it.
You can imagine his excitement when he noticed his first tomato growing on the plant which we thought had died. It's smaller than his finger but we are all excited to see something actually growing. The kids are almost as excited as he is. Don't worry Chris, it's all yours! (since no one else likes tomatoes)

We are grateful to him and all his hard work keeping our yard looking good! When he's lucky, the big girls do pitch in and mow once in awhile.


  1. Nice job Chris! He must be good if they rain didn't beat all the life out of the plants--I think that's what happened to our beans! Zach is great at mowing--its so nice to have older helpers!

  2. Debi! It looks good. Thanks for reading my posts. I was thinking I need to call and see if there is any time for me to work with you two on a Saturday again. I should be around more in the end of July and August. Talk to Dr. K and see if he is working any more Saturdays this summer.