Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making progress

The weather hasn't been very cooperative these last few weeks and has put our patio project on hold for a while. This, needless to say, hasn't made me the happiest of people. We are finally making some visible progress in between rain storms. This isn't Chris working on it, but rather an actual mason. He is a man in our ward and he was able to find some sunny hours to help us out. What would have taken Chris probably all month, took him about 6 hours. Now that the "wall " is done, we have to bring in a TON, literally, of dirt to fill in the inside. After that, Chris can start laying the pavers! Let's all cross our fingers that we will actually have a patio before summer's end : )
See, you can even see that the blocks are wet from rain. It did start raining fairly hard for a while while the mason was here working. He just packed it up for awhile and continued when it cleared. Thanks Les


  1. That's going to look nice! Thanks for the outfit for Kacie!!

  2. I am excited to see this done! It will be wonderful!

  3. That is quite the project. I bet it is going to look great when it is completed. Hey, can I get some vanilla milk from you? :)