Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast

I've got to mention that when Jace brought home the note about the upcoming Thanksgiving feast, he was beyond excited.  He kept telling me that we had to come!  It is an exiting time for the kindergartner's because this is the one time they get to eat in the school cafeteria.  He kept telling me to get the money to pay for 'the feast' into the envelope so he could take it back to school.  He then would ask daily, is today the feast?  I heard that for a week prior.
Finally, Nov 15th arrived and we headed to the feast!
Here is Jace, cute little pilgrim

Jace and me

 Jace and Chris

Do you all remember school food trays?  I'm pretty sure these are the same trays used 20 years ago - they look the same, are stained the same, and in general just kinda grossed me out!
The menu was turkey fricassee (turkey gravy over mashed potatoes), corn, cranberry sauce, a roll, peaches and pumpkin cake

Jace had been waiting for over a week for this day - what did eat?  The pumpkin cake - he may have taken a bite of the turkey fricassee and the roll but  nothing else.

I love how he gets so excited about things that go on at school, especially if he gets to share them with me and Chris.   The food was actually really good, even for 10:10 in the morning!  It was a fun morning and hopefully he will look forward to getting to eat at school everyday next year!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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