Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family photo shoot

Last weekend we went to Rexburg and had my sister Kara take some photos of us.  It's just that time of year again when I need new 'school' pictures of the kids but did a few family ones while we were at it.
Here a few of my favorites!

Lindsay is now 18 (almost 19) and a freshman at BYU-I (sniff, sniff)

Makenna is 16 and a Junior at Hillcrest

Emily is 13 and in 8th grade at Sandcreek

Alison is 9 and in 4th grade at Rimrock

Baylie is 7 and in 2nd grade at Rimrock

Jace is 6 and in kindergarten at Rimrock
(he is seriously the CUTEST little kid EVER)

The cute couple that made those gorgeous kids

A few of my favorites of the kids

This is at an old tree house where Kara's husband Brett used to play as a kid!

And one more of us all

Kara did a great job taking these pictures for us as well as placing us for them.  We went to her mother in laws and there just so many neat places to snap a few shots, I think total she took about 114 pictures.  I'm pretty lucky that my kids like to get their pictures taken so it seemed to go pretty fast. Afterward we went to have lunch and frozen custard at Nielsens, a favorite place of ours!!


  1. Those turned out GREAT!!! I know I already commented on FB but I really love them so I had to comment again. I didn't realize Kara took them, she did a fabulous job!!! After you mentioned that the barn does look familiar, but I didn't catch it when I first saw them. All the pictures look great, your family is beautiful as ever!!

  2. LOVE the pictures! Kara you did a great job!