Monday, August 29, 2011

First day of school

This morning we are officially back to a little normalcy and into a schedule. Summer is a great time but I sure like having a routine with everyone, it just seems to make the house run a little smoother. Emily, Ali and Baylie went back to school today. Lindsay and Kenna won't start until tomorrow. Here are my 3 girls all ready for their school day to begin. Holding up their fingers showing what grades they will be in this year. Emily is in 7th, which is also officially, Jr, high! Ali is starting 3rd grade and Baylie 1st grade.

Ali and Baylie in front of their school

Baylie and Mrs. Brinton. We love Mrs. Brinton, Ali had her last year for second grade and we heard she was moving down to teach first grade and I had to request her - she is a fabulous teacher and I know Baylie will thrive in her class!

Her room was fairly empty when we got there so I was able to snap a shot of her at her desk too!

Ali with Mr. Guymon. She really wanted him for her teacher and we knew he was a popular choice. I opted not to request for her as all the 3rd grade teachers are good. She was telling me that she wouldn't get him since so many people were requesting to have him. She was happily surprised at registration when she found out she was placed in his class!

After taking Baylie and Ali to school, I was off to take Emily to JR HIGH!! I still think she's too little to be heading to jr high, but she was really excited. It will be a whole new world for her. Full of new friends, classes, teachers and opportunity!
It was a great morning and all went smoothly as we got ready for the new school year. Chris was able to give each of the kids a father's blessing last night to help them be comforted and ready to tackle this new year! They are growing so fast, time needs to slow down!


  1. I CAN'T wait until you post Lindsey's and Makenna's pictures:) I know they love it so much when you take their pictures on the first day of school.

  2. Great posts! Glad you got them off smoothly! Enjoy your new schedule!

  3. Such gorgeous girls. Love their curled hair, how do you wake up in time to do that before school?!! They look so cute and excited, the first of the year is always so fun. Looks like their off to a great year!

  4. The girls all look SO cute!!! Can't believe summer is over! Mia and Luke keep wanting to come over to play at like 9am!! ha! I have to explain to them that the girls are in school now. Then Luke says well I can still play w Jace:)) So send him over if he's bored! :) And of course we hate when Kenna goes back to school:((((