Sunday, February 20, 2011

Young and sweet, only 17!

I wanted to really make sure Lindsay felt special on her birthday since it fell on a Sunday and we spent the weekend in Salt Lake. We woke up early and make her breakfast in bed, which consisted of bacon and eggs, grandpa Luman style, toast and apple juice. She had friends over until midnight last night so this was pretty early to be waking her up. Chris, Ali and I (the only ones that were awake) went into her room singing 'happy birthday' and handed her a hot plate of food. I don't think she was too pleased that I also had my camera in hand. Here she is smiling anyway. Showing off the 'you are special today' plate.
Once the rest of the kids were up, they were excited for her to open her presents. Most of her gifts she already had as she got to choose them while we shopped in Salt Lake the day before, another reason why I wanted her to feel special, she already knew her gifts. There were a few from grandma and grandpa Root, grandma Jackson, Aunt Kara, Aunt Laura and one from each of her siblings. Here she is showing off Aunt Kara's gift.
Pomegranate 7-up, one of her favorite drinks.
After church we came home to her requested meal of Italian chicken. YUM!
Chocolate fudge birthday cake and cookie dough ice cream.
I could barely fit 17 candles on her cake!
Blowing out her candles....
Happy birthday Lindsay!! It's never fun to have your birthday be on a Sunday, especially when you are a teenager but she made the most of spending time with us and didn't complain that she didn't have friends over!! She gets more beautiful everyday, not just in her appearance, she's a great example to all of us and she makes good choices that will continue to bless her as she gets even older!! We love that she is in our family and love that she is such a fantastic big sister!!!


  1. I hope she had a great birthday! Makes me panic a little knowing that Zach isn't too far behind!

  2. Wow! I can't believe she's 17! Looks like she had a great Birthday!!!:)))

  3. She IS 17 and beautiful. Love that you took her breakfast in bed!